“Adapt or perish, now as ever, is nature’s inexorable imperative.”

– H. G. Wells

“Structuralism is the excessive focus on physical abnormalities in musculoskeletal medicine […] Although some factors like these do sometimes matter, they are collectively much less important than most people believe, and they tend to overshadow many other important biological and neurological considerations.”

Paul Ingraham

“[…] although it is often assumed that identified so-called “dysfunctions” in posture, movement quality, or body function are reliably predictive of potential injury and performance, the preponderance of the scientific evidence casts a great amount of doubt on any claims about the strength and reliability of such relationships. This is because natural variations in human posture, movement, and mobility/flexibility make identifying strict ideas of what is “correct” difficult and possibly invalid in many cases. Humans naturally move in different ways to accomplish different tasks, and identifying small variations in that movement as a “dysfunction” may not be very useful or helpful.”

– Nick Tumminello, Jason Silvernail, Ben Cormack
The Corrective Exercise Trap



Notes of this section highly based on The Art and Science of Liftingpresentations from the San Diego Pain SummitScott Haldeman’s Presidential Address, and Lederman’s Fall of BPS Model.