“Biology is messy. Your body is not a simple machine that you can feed inputs and expect predictable outputs.

Now, you can have a general idea of what’ll happen. But 1+1 doesn’t always equal 2. Maybe it’ll be 2 most of the time, but sometimes it’ll be 5, and sometimes it’ll be -3. […] There are billions of reactions taking place in your body every moment, affecting what’ll happen at the systemic level, while dozens of inputs are simultaneously entering the system via your thoughts and your senses (which then affect and modify other thoughts and sensations). 1+1 won’t always equal 2, because your body isn’t dealing with 1+1. It’s dealing with 1+1 plus a million other inputs and moderating factors. The result may be between 1.5 and 2.5 most of the time but there’s plenty of built in ambiguity that’s difficult to predict, harder to account for, and impossible to quantify.

Biology is nonlinear. You cannot control it. You can, at best, influence it.”

– Greg Nuckols


Notes of this section highly based on Neuroscience Online:  An Electronic Textbook for the NeurosciencesFundamentals of Motor ControlExplain Pain SuperchargedPain:  A Textbook for Health Professionals, Scott Haldeman’s Presidential Address and Human Motor Control.